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Tailor-made Legal Services

We at Georges Leser Legal Advisory and our team of experts analyze your specific needs on a case-by-case basis to ensure you receive the maximum level of quality advice at all times.

Banking-/Finance Litigation

We represent our clients in litigation  focusing on banking/finance related claims.

Corporate Law/M&A

Our experience with international and domestic mergers and acquisitions sets us apart as the team to skilfully negotiate present and  future success.

Banking/Finance-Capital Markets-Advisory

With our uncompromising commitment to the values of transparency and honesty for all clients, Georges Leser regularly advise banks and investment service companies regarding  banking and securities supervision law.

Wealth Management

We advise companies, private foundations, family offices and private individuals on asset planning and structuring.


Entrepreneurs receive smart and fast legal advice in all fields of their own business: Analyzing risks that are discovered in the business plan; choosing the proper company structure; and negotiating with potential investors and public subsidy institutions.

The Greek letter for “L” or “Lambda” was also used by the ancient Spartans who were known for their modern society and high regard for superior education, training, and excellence.

What We Stand For

Compassionate Listening

Individual advisory on a case-by-case basis. Our success begins with listening to you because  your needs always come first!


Without compromising quality,  we provide the highest level of service possible due to tailor-made solutions and streamlined processes.


Georges Leser and his experts use the latest digital innovative technologies to bring you excellent and fast legal advisory services locally and globally.