We match the right person  to  your special needs.

Every case is unique. Our strategy and our expertise is to analyse the specific needs of our clients on a case-by-case basis. This ensures that each client receives the maximum level of quality advice at all times. As a highly-skilled firm, we lead every aspect of client services that may sometimes require tapping into and benefiting from one of our many external experts. When necessary, we will provide a list of recommended specialists including a free estimate of their services. Together, with our client, we decide which experts to involve resulting in a tailor-made team of recognized legal professionals just for you.

Corporate Law/M&A

Companies and entrepreneurs, irrespective whether a small start-up or an international stock listed company, are affected by a broad range of business and legal hurdles nowadays. Our approach is to advise companies in all business stages:

Start Up Stage

  • Business Plan
  • Set up company structure
  • Applications for national & European subsidies
  • Identification, negotiations with Business Angels & potential investors

Growth Stage

  • Ongoing legal services
  • Shareholder meetings
  • Corporate housekeeping
  • Corporate governance & compliance
  • Capital Measures
  • Mergers & Acquisitions on the buy-side
  • Financing

Exit Stage

  • Advisory on potential exit strategies (Mergers & Acquisitions on the sell-side, IPO, etc.)

Wealth Management

Particularly since the financial crisis, managers of private and public wealth are confronted with a significant increase of liability risks. In order to reduce such risks, we advise our clients on financial investments including:

Financial Investments

  • Review of investment documentation (term sheets, prospectuses, etc.)
  • Analysing risks of financial investments
  • Examination of compliance of potential investment with specific investment regulations (private foundations, family offices, trusts, public companies, etc.)
  • Examination of existing portfolios on investment regulations

  • Asset management agreements
  • Investment structures and portfolios
  • Liability risks regarding investment advisory and investment management (e.g., assessment of financial investments based on investor profiles)
  • Asset succession/inheritance

Banking-/Finance-/Capital Markets-Advisory

As a result of the financial crisis, the banking sector is confronted with a tremendous increase of legal regulations and market surveillance by the respective authorities. Concurrently, the liability risks in case of violations increased. Therefore, we particularly advise our clients with regard to:

  • The provision of banking, payment or security services in or into Austria with respect to supervisory regulations
  • Review of investment documentation for financial instruments with regard to supervisory regulations and liability risks
  • Public offers and private placements of financial instruments
  • Ad-hoc disclosure rules
  • Finance transactions


One major aspect of our advisory is to prevent our clients from potential litigation proceedings. However, if representation before courts becomes inevitable, we are well-prepared due to our legal and financial market experience. We particularly focus on:

  • Claims in connection with financial instruments
  • Claims in connection with unit-linked life insurance products
  • Claims with regard to loan agreements, bank guarantees, etc.

Our pool of experts in the field of legal, tax and business consulting will assist on a case-by-case basis if specific expertise is required.   See Network

If you would like to learn more about the companies or individuals who have benefited from our Legal Advisory services, contact us at gl@georgesleser.com.